Comprehensive Solution, No Risk

We see logistics as more than mode of transport from plant to destination. Kenertec’s Precision Logistics℠ includes everything from the moment we take your order until you accept your tower sections. Since we use the Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping method, it eliminates your risk prior to delivery. Our process also provides built-in cost savings and planning advantages.

  • Coordinating shipping, overseas and domestic (if desired)
  • Ensuring compliance of sections with import laws
  • Conduct port surveys to ensure it has the equipment, infrastructure and storage necessary to handle the sections
  • Negotiating port fees
  • Coordinating with port labor and ensuring workers have specific instructions for handling towers safely and efficiently
  • Use of Kenertec’s proprietary stacking frames
  • DDP shipping
  • Executing the proper bonds
  • Paying duties and other customs charges
  • Inspections at both ports, repairs of minor transit damage if necessary
  • Coordinating port storage
  • Reverse logistics of stacking frames


Let Us Take the Risk

Kenertec uses the DDP logistics method to transport tower sections around the world. DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid. Of all standard logistics methods, this is the one that provides the least risk to the customer. Kenertec arranges transport, we retain all responsibility and liability and we take care of all costs until you accept your towers at the destination we have agreed upon in advance.

Added Value

Way More Than Towers

Towers aren’t all we deliver. With Precision Logistics℠, you also gain maximum dependability with minimum cost through built-in cost efficiencies, scheduling confidence, and overall simplification throughout the process.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

It costs us money to have a ship sitting in port waiting to be loaded, so whatever it takes to complete your towers on time, we’ll get it done. And you’ll know well in advance exactly when your sections will arrive.

Cost Certainty

We have negotiated a maximum rate with an overseas shipping partner, so you will know your maximum cost up front and well in advance, regardless of fluctuating fees in a volatile market. Due to the volume of business we do with U.S. ports, we are able to negotiate the most competitive rate possible for your shipment.

Fewer Inland Costs & Hassles

All your towers will be delivered to the port closest to your project site so your inland logistics challenges, transport costs, and state-by-state permitting issues will be minimized.

Batch Delivery

All of your tower sections will arrive at your site at the same time, ready to install. Your project manager can schedule cranes and other heavy equipment accordingly to save on rental fees and eliminate costly down time.

Delivery to Port or Site

In the United States, Kenertec has strong ties with a heavy haul partner so we can manage logistics from the port all the way to your project site.

One Plant, One QA Professional

Kenertec can cost-effectively deliver high quality sections anywhere in the world. If you are pursuing projects in multiple countries, you can place one quality assurance professional at our factory rather than many in the plants of multiple suppliers.

Handling Systems

How We Stack Up

Stacking and securing sections on a ship can be problematic if you don’t know what you’re doing. We know what we are doing, and we developed proprietary stacking frames to make sure the job gets done right. We invested millions and millions of dollars to manufacture our frames so customers don’t have to worry about this detail of logistics. They are designed to provide maximum security of sections during ocean transport, are constructed of high-quality steel and are easily dismantled to lower reverse logistics costs. Use of our proprietary stacking frames is included with every order, and we handle and pay for reverse logistics.


Delivery is Just the Beginning

Kenertec will be with you for the long term, not just until one sale is completed. Independent inspectors go over your sections at the port, and Kenertec repairs any minor handling damage that may have occurred in transit. If there are any issues when your sections arrive at the site or after they are installed, our agent, Los Angeles-based Kousa International, is available to mobilize our nationwide network of maintenance and repair providers to your project.

Global Exporting

Next Door to the World

Exporting is our nature. Indonesia has been an exporting country for centuries due to its centralized location and easy access to every continent. In addition, Kenertec’s factory is less than a mile from the Port of Ciwandan, so we can deliver your tower sections cost-effectively anywhere around the globe.