Standing Strong

Exacting precision supports every Kenertec tower. Since 2006, we have produced more than 2,500 towers supporting turbines in onshore and offshore applications around the globe. We have manufactured and delivered every one of them to the most exacting standards in the industry.

The linear design of our technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Ciwandan, Indonesia is the model of efficiency. The plant also features:

  • Four massive bays
  • An 800-tower annual capacity, or the equivalent of 2 gigawatts installed
  • Ability to manufacture towers and monopiles to American, European, or Asian standards

The Kenertec management team designed the plant, and they bring more than 50 years of combined wind tower manufacturing experience to running it. Their depth of knowledge and experience have allowed Kenertec to take a preemptive approach to heavy precision manufacturing, applying lessons learned to both layout and processes. In addition, our engineering team works closely with customers to optimize designs and manufacturing processes so we can produce your towers more efficiently and with less cost.


FACTORY AREA square footage
fabrication 401,063
blasting & painting 70,913
internal assembly 950,615
storage 2,082,687
total 3,505,278


Maximum Capability


Elevating Tower Precision

Kenertec consistently manufactures and delivers the highest quality wind towers. We do the job right the first time, every time. For you, that means shorter manufacturing lead times and fewer quality issues after production.

  • ISO ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications
  • Less than 1% defect rate for welding (industry average is 5%)
  • The most advanced precision equipment available
  • All Kenertec welders are AWS and ISO-EN certified
  • Welding procedures certified for both AWS and European (EN)
  • Certified inspectors for welding, coating, ultrasonic and other
    non-destructive testing
  • Continuous training and improvement
  • No customer warranty issues

We inspect for quality at every point of the process and document every step with precision to ensure traceability. If you have special requirements for inspection and documentation, we’ll meet them.


Equipped for Precision

Marking, Cutting, Beveling units
CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
(Max 40 tons x 3,300 x 36,000)
CNC Flame Cutting Machine
(Max 300 tons x 3,300 x 18,000)
Flame Beveling Machines 20
Surface treatment units
Shot Blast Rooms 4 rooms
Paint Shop 14 rooms
Paint Spray Systems 16
Arc Spray Metalizing Machines 3
Rotators for Blast & Painting 18
Bending units
DAVI 3080 (Max 80 tons X 3,100) 1
DAVI 3060 (Max 60 tons X 3,100) 2
DAVI 3080(Max 45 tons X 3,100) 1
Fit-UP & Welding units
Rotators for Fit-UP & Welding (Max. 100 tons) 75
Tandem SAW Systems 22
SAW Tractor 5
Cranes units
Overhead (15 ton) 1
Overhead (20 ton) 15
Overhead (40 ton) 8
Gantry (15 ton) 1
Gantry (20 ton) 1
Gantry (80 ton) 3
Mobile (100 ton) 2

Linear Facility

Efficiency & Quality at Every Point

The strength of Kenertec towers results from exacting precision that goes into every aspect of material procurement, design support, production, finishing and delivery. Our manufacturing facility features four massive bays and a linear production line that is the model of efficiency. Raw material comes in one end and finished sections go out the other with absolutely no time, effort or material wasted in between. To ensure quality, we complete inspections at every point in the process.